Thursday, July 26, 2012

Derek Rubis- The Journey

We have a live report that Derek Rubis has been spotted flying over the North Atlantic en route to the London Olympic games. After witnessing the USA Olympic trials, Rubis was apparently overcome with emotion since he would not be able to attend the Olympics. This emotion reached a tipping point last night as the opening ceremonies drew near. As is common during times of high grief and stress, Derek Rubis' X-gene activated and began expression, resulting in the growth of the wings seen below.

With a storm system passing through the Midwest and Northeastern US last night having winds exceeding 70mph, Rubis thew caution into the wind and took flight for London. Making good time, air traffic controllers in Halifax, Nova Scotia reported his diminutive radar signature 60 km off of the eastern coast at approximately 8:47am E.T. We wish Rubis the best of luck on his trans-Atlantic journey and hope he finds London a pleasant experience.

More as the story develops.

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